Our Top 5 Mobile Phone Picks for Christmas 2021

Looking to save big whilst getting wonderful, practical gifts for friends or family (or yourself, we don’t judge) this Christmas 2021? Consider the following refurbished phones: OnePlus Nord Over the past few years, OnePlus has pretty much transcended that soft boundary line between budget phones and flagship phones. Their OnePlus 6/6+ models were massive successes, and the OnePlus Nord 5G is an excellent modern take on OnePlus’ recipe for success: delivering quality phones at affordable prices. It’s equipped with 5G out of the box, as you may have assumed from the name, and the screen display and resolution are top-notch. Where this handset suffers is in its front-facing camera, which at 16 MP isn’t bad per se, but it really has a tough time picking up on sharp detail in low-light settings. Apple iPhone 12 Year after year, Apple delivers - but that’s catchy marketing, much like what you normally pay for when buying Apple products. This year’s iPhone 13 is without a doubt a sleek and great all-around phone, but it isn’t that much of an improvement over its famous predecessor, the iPhone 12. The iPhone 12 is undeniably a superior phone to most others on the market, even today (one year later, which is basically decades in terms of phone development). A wonderfully long-lasting battery, excellent connectivity (5G included), and a clean design are all reasons to pick one up. The downsides mostly come down to the lack of a headphone jack and a confusing charger situation. Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus Sometimes, bigger is better. For anyone familiar with the Samsung Galaxy Note family of phones, one of the first things that’s evident is the large screen size. Well, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus is quite massive with a screen size of 6.8 inches. If size isn’t an issue, you’ll more than likely be satisfied with the superb battery life (often a bugbear of older high-resolution Samsung Galaxy models), fantastic performance, and a comfortable stylus pen. Google Pixel 3 So the Google Pixel 3 came out quite a while ago in 2018 and the current iteration, the Google Pixel 6, is a fantastic product. Naturally, a refurbished Google Pixel 3 simply doesn’t compare to brand new models, but for its time and even today it still holds up extremely well. It won numerous phone of the year awards thanks to its extremely well-optimised software, lightning-fast performance, beautiful display, and priced similarly to many other budget phones. Unfortunately, the Pixel 3 was, like Apple, on the bandwagon of ditching headphone jacks, and there’s no memory card slot so you’re stuck with whatever internal flash memory that comes with your model. Samsung Galaxy Fold A few years ago, foldable phones were being developed and marketed although their success still hasn’t really been cemented (if they ever will be, which is another question entirely). Samsung’s endeavours to create a practical folding phone have begun to pay off with the Samsung Galaxy Fold, a novel phone design perfect for multitasking and to perhaps impress your friends.
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